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Thank you!

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Thank you to 3A 2016-17 for a great year. It has been lovely getting to know you all. To parents and carers, thank you so much - I was overwhelmed by your generosity and kind words. Have a lovely summer and see you all soon :-)


Best wishes,

Miss Majumdar x

Maths party in 3A making Möbius strips and a ping pong number bonds relay race!

Martin Mere Wetlands Centre - Tuesday 4th July 2017


We had a fantastic day at Martin Mere Wetlands Centre. Have a look through the photos below to see us building dens, walking in the Wild Park, finding out how plants live in a wetland area and exploring the Weird and Wonderful zone. We were all very happy to find a super play area to round off our trip!

Health Week 2017

3A's messages about Healthy Living

World Book Day 2016. Thank you to everyone for putting such thought and effort into the costumes!

Finding right angles outside

Thursday 25th February

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Weaver Hall Museum trip

Wednesday 24th February


Linking in with our history work on the Stone Age and Bronze Age, 3A visited Weaver Hall Museum in Cheshire today.


We agreed that the highlight was having the opportunity to handle a great range of artefacts from these periods of pre-history. We compared different Stone Age and Bronze Age tools, made Beaker pots (just like they would have used in the Bronze Age), practised our bow and arrow skills (safely of course!), ground our own flour and whittled twigs to make arrows! A fun-filled and hands-on day for everyone.


Class Poem

Friday 15th February


Set 2 English have written a class poem based on Roger McGough's The Sound Collector. Ours is called The Sound Thief. To gather material for the poem, we collected sounds from around  school - inside and out. We hope you like it!


The Sound Thief

By Year 3, set 2


A great mystery occurred in school

So puzzled were we today

For a stranger collected the sounds he heard

And carried them all away


The clacking of feet

The clapping of hands

The hissing of the kettle

The practising of bands


The squeaking of pencils

The turning of the lock

The knocking of the door

The ticking clock


The pattering of hailstones

The swishing of the snow

The splashing of the puddles

The tying of a bow


The crunching of an apple

The bouncing of balls

The burning of the sun

Climbing the walls


The ringing of the bell

The pulling of tags

The zipping of coats

The dropping of bags


A stranger called this morning

He took the sounds away

Why did he do this to our school?

Life will never be the same.

Cobble Hey Farm
Our recent trip to Cobble Hey Farm in Lancashire was a great success. We were introduced to the animals, planted our own rhubarb and explored the beautiful surroundings from a windy hilltop. Luckily, the sun decided to shine as soon as we started climbing!


Bug fixing


In computing, we're becoming computer programmers and this half term, we are looking particularly at bug fixing. In these photos, you can see 3A discovering the importance of giving precise instructions when you're trying to achieve a specific shape or action. We'll  be transferring these skills to our own coding over the next few weeks.

Welcome to Class 3B

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Well done to all of the children for all the hard work and effort they have put in towards our class assembly. Thank you to all of the parents and family members who came to watch and donated money towards Comic Relief. We raised £48.53!



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