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This term we are very excited to be learning all about World War Two.

What is war?

Why do people get involved in wars?

Are there any wars currently taking place?


Test your historical detective skills in this Time Capsule WW2 game.

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This term we are looking at The Maya civilisation. We have been comparing their lives to the Anglo Saxons and our own lives. 

They were very clever people and we are enjoying finding out lots of information about them. 

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Our first half term has been spent learning all about the Anglo- Saxons and we have found out some pretty interesting things!

How did they get here?

Where did they come from?

Why did they come here?

Why are certain places called certain names? Like where did East Anglia get it's name? Or Sussex?

We now know the answers to these so test our amazing minds.


Well done to some of our students for bringing in some amazing pieces of History this week. We had the pleasure of seeing an actual evacuation suitcase that would have been used during World War Two. This was alongside some photographs and medals belonging to people who lived during this time. 

We also had a very interesting atlas that showed the world before some places had even been discovered. Thanks for those that brought in these amazing pieces of History!! 

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This week we looked at the evacuation of World War 2. It was a time when many children were made to leave their homes in the cities and go to live with host families in quieter places such as Wales and Scotland!

Children would have had to leave their families and would only be allowed to take limited supplies with them. They had to have their ration book, identity tag and some clothes. They would sometimes be allowed to bring a toy or a game with them. we discussed what we would bring and here are some of our ideas:

Here is a picture of us acting as evacuees. Why do you think we look so sad? Can you see what we have round our neck? What do you think it was for?
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This term we are learning all about Liverpool in WW11. So far we have learnt about key dates and leaders involved in the World War. We can tell you why it happened and some of the catastrophic effects that it caused. We are looking forward to looking at more detail about what happened in Liverpool specifically. Ask us questions over the next few weeks to find out some really interesting things about the history of our city!!

Spring term 1 is bringing all things Mayan!! We are studying this civilisation and comparing their lives to how we live today. We're looking forward to finding out lots of interesting facts about the way they lived.

Watch this space ⌛️

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Last term we learnt all about The Anglo Saxons.

Ask us about them and be amazed by all the facts that we will tell you.

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