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4K - Mrs Bradley

Hello 4K Sunbeams laugh


It is great to see that most of you have signed up to SEESAW and are ready to go. Thank you to all the boys and girls who have had ago at our test activities - I loved the different ways you decorated your names. If you were absent during our last week of school then just use your QR code as soon as possible and log onto your SEESAW account.  


I will be posting four/five activities everyday. These activities have been scheduled to go live before 8 am. If you miss an activity please don't worry; just complete the ones that you can and send me your response. 


Each day an English activity will be posted, in addition to Power-Up and Maths activities. A Science, Geography or History based task will also be posted. Throughout the week, I will ask you to read specific pages of your class novel and answer some comprehension questions about what you have read. 


Remember exercise is important and so make sure you use some of the suggested physical activity links found on the home learning page.


I will be taking the opportunity to do a little yoga each day - similar to what our Yoga Bear, Laura, started to show us. Feel free to post pictures of the fun ways you and your family choose to stay active. 


If you are having trouble accessing SEESAW for any reason, please drop me an email and I will try to support you in anyway I can. 


If you have any questions regarding the tasks set, please don't hesitate to contact me.


I will update the page regularly. Please keep in touch. 


Keep smiling, 

Katherine Bradley

Below is our weekly timetable. 
  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Monday Maths English I.W Music/R.E
Tuesday Maths English Science Science
Wednesday Maths English Geography P.E
Thursday Maths English History Computing
Friday Maths English French Art


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