Booker Avenue

Junior School

Best Always

6J - Mr Manning

Hello 6J Children, Parents and Carers,


I'm pleased to see we have all accessed SEESAW and we have been engaging with the daily activities. I thought it would be a good idea to inform you of what you can expect in relation to home learning and to clarify any queries you may have.  


I will be posting two activities each day. One for Math and one for English. These activities have been scheduled to go live between 8:30 am and 9:00 am as of 30th March 2020. I will make comment on your work each day. Please ensure that you post your work directly to the assigned activity so that I am able to see it. You are to complete your work in your blue book for Math and your pink book for English/Afternoon project work. I will review your work in more detail when we return to school.     


Please see your home school packs for things you can do for the afternoon subjects. You should present all of your afternoon project work when we return to school. I will post more project work in due course depending upon how long the school is closed.    


Remember exercise is important and so make sure you use some of the suggested physical activity links found on the home learning page.


Our class reading book is 'Kensuke’s Kingdom'. Reading is important so along with other reading material, please read at least two chapters of our class reader a week. I will base all of our English lessons on our class novel and there will be a mix of reading, writing and GPS activities. Also, don't forget to practice your weekly spellings and have somebody test you at the end of each week. You could keep a record of this in the back of your pink book.


For Math we will continue with Power Math. I will post the input, consisting of the power up, discover, think together, on the first day and I will follow with the practice book questions on the second day. You must read the ‘discover’ and ‘share’ sections carefully as they explain the methods and mathematical concepts which the lesson is focused on. I will post the answers for the practice book questions the day after you ought to have completed them for you to self-mark.


Given the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, I will constantly review how I am communicating and delivering work to you so that it is useful and effective.


Keep safe, keep busy and stay positive.


I hope we are back in class together very soon.


Best wishes


Mr. Manning