Booker Avenue

Junior School

Best Always

6MC - Miss McQuade

Greetings 6Mc,


I'm pleased to say most of you have signed up to SEESAW and are ready to go. Thank you to all the boys and girls who have had ago at the first few activities smiley


I will be posting two/three activities everyday. These activities have been scheduled to go live between 8:30am and 9:00am. If you miss an activity please don't worry; I have numbered the subject lessons so that you can keep up at your own pace. 


I will be posting an English and Maths lesson everyday. Afternoon lessons will also be posted although please see your home school packs for things you can do in the mean time. 


Remember exercise is important and so make sure you use some of the suggested physical activity links found on the home learning page.


I especially will be taking part in the Live with Joe Wicks at 9am everyday. It would be great to see you and your family members having ago. Could you post your efforts on SEESAW?


Our class reading book is 'Friend and Foe'. Reading is important so along with other reading material, please read at least two chapters of our class reader a week.  I will provide some weekly comprehension questions on a Friday as part of your English activity. Also, don't forget to practice your weekly spellings.


If you are having trouble accessing SEESAW for any reason, please drop me an email and I will try to support you in anyway I can. Alternatively, I can post the activities directly to you.


If you have any questions regarding the tasks set, please don't hesitate to contact me.


I will update the page regularly. Please keep in touch and keep smiling. 


Stay safe