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For our end of unit project we created our own Banksy style graffiti. 

We created a stencil of a silhouette showing something we enjoy outside of school and used our stencils to paint our graffiti artwork. 


Have a look at some of our amazing examples:


This term we will be looking at the work of Banksy. We are all very excited to learn about this modern graffiti artist.

Watch this space smiley


For our first lesson we learned about Banksy's artwork and what is means to be anonymous. Some of our class even pretended to be anonymous artists like Banksy, hiding photos of his artwork around the Year 5 corridor! 3 of our photos still remain hidden frown


Banksy has even visited a Primary School in Bristol. We are wondering if Banksy would visit Booker Avenue...



Our focus this term is on Design and Technology. We will be looking at hats (especially Mayan hats) and how they have changed over time and their different uses!

Watch this space!

Here's the next stage of our projects.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Can you guess what we are making??

Can you guess what we are making?? 1
Can you guess what we are making?? 2
Can you guess what we are making?? 3
Can you guess what we are making?? 4
Can you guess what we are making?? 5
Can you guess what we are making?? 6
Mayan hats in the making 
We're finished!!! How fantastic do these Picasso inspired cubism pictures look? We are going to put them on display in the corridors so you can take a closer look on parents evening. 

Our pictures are now looking more like collages. Can you notice ay of the techniques we have used?

Do you think we look like we are re-creating Picasso? Or maybe we are even better!!

Take a look for yourself...

Picasso update!

Here are some pictures of our masterpiece creations- still in the creation stage! 

Have you ever heard of Pablo Picasso? 

We are beginning to find out lots of information about him through our Art lessons. 

Today we looked at his early life and would you believe that he painted his sister using egg yolks when he was just four years old?! 

Here are some photos of him and his famous works.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We then began to look at recreating some of his work using our musical instruments. 

We set up guitars and have started sketching them in our Art books. It will take a while but return here soon to see what we have created.

Here's a sneak peek....

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3