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08/05/17 - Colomendy Blogs


By Lori frown


When it turned Thursday it was time to go on the zip wire! I was extremely excited but nervous at the same time. I waited at the top trying to chill myself out. When it was my turn, the leader (called Bongie) told me what to do when I reached the bottom of the zip wire. After seven minutes waiting, it was finally my go! I was so nervous. I let me feet come away from floor and zoomed down. It was SO FUN!


Then it was Friday. The day we were saying goodbye to Colomendy. It was time to go to Jacob's Ladder. I went on with Olivia and Ruby. Once I reached the second beam, a MASSIVE gust of wind came. The rope slipped out of my bare hands and I fell backwards. I thought I would hit the ground, but no... I was dangling upside down while laughing my head off! Ruby and Olivia laughed too. I finally got up to the fourth beam and was really proud of myself!


I would love to go back to Colomendy heart

Kingswood Colomendy - Life in the wild laugh

By Finn


The facilities were quite good at Colomendy but the tuck shop was quite expensive! The food was good too. The bedrooms were good, they fitted up to 11 people. My group leader was Mr O'Keefe accompanied by Mr. Jones. My favourite activity was definitely laser zone! In raft building the water was freezing cold and there were tadpoles! At the end of the session, we jumped into the water. I fell in and cut my leg, ouch! At night-time, me and Alex would chat until 10:30pm, I had my Elmo teddy and he had his Babbitt.

When we did orienteering, me and George won! We found the stuff first and solved the puzzle, the answer was Rowan. That's a type of tree, who knew? Not us.


24/04/17  - Easter Holiday Blogs

My amazing Easter holiday!

By Sophie heart


On Easter Sunday we stayed at home this year but we normally go to my Nan's house for a Sunday roast. I got some Easter eggs and loads of yummy chocolate and I even shared some with my Mum because my Dad had eaten hers! We also had an Easter egg hunt with my Dad which was so much fun!


A couple of days later it was my Mum's birthday but I had to go to my friend's party at the Nerf Gun Party Centre. I had lots of fun and we got fabulous party bags with nail polishes, lip balm and lots more! Afterwards, I went home while my Mum opened her presents. She really loved her beautiful presents and I was so happy she had a lovely day.


My Easter Holidays

By David frown


My favourite day during the Easter holidays was definitely when me and one of my best friends Ollie went to see Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain! We got the Horrible Histories comics and half way through my Mum gave us some popcorn. Me and Ollie loved every bit of our day.


Another day during the holidays, me and some friends went round to Tom's house. We had a great time playing with our Nerf Guns and on the trampoline. After that, Tom's Mum said we could go to Pizza Express. I had a really good time.