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This half-term the title of our story was:

How Tortoise Got His Shell

First, we used our GPS knowledge to find the missing letters to make up a word. When we found out what the word was, we had access to the pieces of Terry the Tortoise's shell, so we could fix him and put him back together again!

Whilst learning about this story, we have considered what a moral is and investigated morals to different fables.

Looking at our story map, what do you think the moral of this story could be?

Picture 1


Talk for Write March 2017

The sound Collector

Kassim and The Greedy Dragon

Kassim and The Greedy Dragon 1
Kassim and The Greedy Dragon 2

January 2017

Kassim and the Greedy Dragon


The Papaya that Spoke

The Papaya that Spoke 1

November 2016

Talk for Write

The Papaya that Spoke

Arranging pictures to tell the story, The Papaya that Spoke.