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English Homework

Homework 23/1/17

Homework 23/1/17 1

Homework 16/1/17

Homework 16/1/17 1

Homework 28/11/16

Homework 28/11/16 1

Homework 14/11/16 to be in 16/11/16

Homework 14/11/16 to be in 16/11/16 1

Homework 31/10/16 to be in 2/11/16 Writing a newspaper article

Homework 31/10/16 to be in 2/11/16 Writing a newspaper article  1

Homework 17/10/16 to be in 19/10/16

Homework 10/10/16 to be in Wednesday 12/10/16

Homework 3/10/16 to be completed and brought back to school on Wednesday 5/10/16

Pronouns and Conjunctions

Please write 5 sentences that contain one of the following pronouns: it, they, them, us and mine.

Copy out and re-write the following paragraph placing in conjuntions.

Jenny turned off the lights. She snuggled down into her bed. It was early. She was very tired. It had been an exciting day. Jenny’s family had moved into a new house. Soon Jenny was fast asleep. She was dreaming.

Monday 26/9/16 to be in Wednesday 28/9/16

Monday 19/9/16 to be completed by Wednesday 21/9/16

Homework this week is a piece of short writing.

Mrs Cobbe, Mr Bolton and Miss Gellineau would like you to write at least half a page in your homework book about your time at P.G.L. If you didn’t go to P.G.L. can you please write about an activity you did over the summer holidays.

Try to use amazing adjectives and the correct punctuation.

11/1/16: Turn these sentences into fronted adverbial sentences.