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This half-term we have been learning about Mountains and Volcanoes! 

We have learned about how different mountains are formed. There are five different types of mountains:

  1. Fold mountains
  2. Fault-block mountains
  3. Dome mountains
  4. Volcanic mountains
  5. Plateau mountains

Which one do you think is the most common type of mountain?

Next, we learned about volcanoes and how they are formed. 

Did you know there is a difference between magma and lava? 

Have a look at the picture of the volcano below, do you think you could label the different features of the volcano using the correct vocabulary? 

Picture 1

After we learned about where and how volcanoes are formed, Miss Toby showed us how to use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction which looked like a volcanic eruption!

Look at the video below to see what we thought.

Miss Toby's Volcanic Eruption!

Still image for this video

After eagerly watching Miss Toby demonstrate how to create a chemical reaction, we went outside to try it for ourselves.

Here are some of the pictures of us enjoying a messy, vinegary, volcanic Thursday afternoon!