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Take a look at our Brazil display in Year 5.

We have made posters for parts of Brazil that we have looked at during our Geography unit.


We have also challenged Year 5 with some Brazil Quiz Questions! Can you answer them?

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Today we used atlases to locate Brazil and it's surrounding countries. Have a look at some of our maps we created.





Here are some challenge questions for you to research at homesmiley:






This half term we are going across the world to Brazil!! We will be finding out lots of information about the country of Brazil and hopefully giving you lots of interesting information.

Watch this space!

Our first topic this half term has been Liverpool.

We have been learning all about our fabulous city. It ended with us making some brochures/leaflets to entice people to come and visit! Check them out below.

Can you spot some of the features of persuasive writing?

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What we will be learning about Brazil

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Picture 2
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