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Summer Term

Summer Term 1
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Weaver Hall Museum trip

Thursday 25th February


Stone Age and Bronze Age

3M visited Weaver Hall Museum in Cheshire today.


They enjoyed handling various Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts. 

Learning to make an arrow.

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The children used a stone tool to shave a stick to make an arrow.

Making flour

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The children used a stone to break down grains to make flour. Stone Age people had to work hard to source and make food to eat.

Stone Age Pots

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Prehistoric Britain

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In our history lessons we are learning about Prehistoric Britain. Last term we concentrated on The Stone Age and now we move forward into the Bronze Age. 

In today's lesson the boys and girls learnt about The Amesbury Archer.

In 2002, archaeologists in Wiltshire made a very interesting discovery. They found the body of a man buried in the ground near Amesbury (not far from the famous stone circle, Stonehenge).

Radiocarbon dating was carried out on the skeleton and suggested that it was buried around 2300BC. 

The grave contained about 100 artefacts, including objects made of gold and bronze -the oldest metal objects ever found in Britain. These helped historians to build a picture of Bronze Age Life. 



In the lesson the children worked in groups to find some of the items found in his grave. They used this evidence to suggest how people in the Bronze Age may have lived.

What do the items in the picture tell you about this Bonze Age man?

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