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Here is our finished rap!! We have been studying Will Smith and different rap music through the years. We have learnt and performed 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and this is our own Booker version!!


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This term our topic is rap music. We have been looking at the artist/rapper/actor Will Smith. Over the past two weeeks we have been learning one of his more famous songs- The fresh prince of Bel Air. Here we are on our first performance of it. We are hopefully going to improve on this and add some instruments too to the instrumental parts..... 


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We have been working hard all year on appraising songs and music. We then looked at Christmas songs and decided to compose our own music and lyrics to match. We had to include rhyme, repetition, a chorus and three verses. Can you appraise our songs using the following features:

Tone, pitch, dynamics, structure and timbre. 


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Our song/ dance off!! Here are Finn and George performing our Christmas song! 🎅🏼🎄🎄


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In the lead up to Christmas we have been studying and learning some Christmas songs. We have been focusing on appraising music. We will add instruments to our singing soon too! Hope you enjoy it!
We have been practising our appraising skills while listening to Michael Jackson. here we are, learning how to sing the extended chorus of his hit 'I'll be there.


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Can you guess our new topic from the image below? 

That's right, it's Michael Jackson time!! We have been listening and appraising his music and discussing the musical elements in his songs. We have also been practising how to sing one of his hits- I'll be there! 

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