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New Classes For September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you will be aware, the plan is for all children to return to school in September. We are looking forward to having everyone back and are putting plans in place to ensure that this can be done as safely as possible. Further information about these plans will reach you before the end of term.

What we can tell you is which teacher your child will be with next year. It is a pity that so many of our children lost time with their current teacher but we know that you have been able to have lots of contact with them via Seesaw. We have decided that the children will move to their new teacher from the start of term.

Both their new teacher and current teacher will be sending messages and videos to children over the coming week or so, so do look out for those on Seesaw.


The classes will move as follows:


Current class 2019-20 New class 2020-21
3M  Miss Majumdar 4CQ   Mr Quayle
3T   Mr Thomas 4B   Mr Bell
3B   Mr Barker 4K   Mrs Bradley
4Q   Mr Quayle 5G  Miss Gellineau
4B   Mr Bell 5M  Miss Munro
4K   Mrs Bradley 5B   Mr Bolton
5G   Miss Gellineau 6M  Mrs Moody
5B   Mr Bolton 6J   Mr Manning
5M  Miss Munro  6Mc  Miss McQuade


When we return, children will need to wear school uniform.


Finally, your child's annual report will be sent to you via email over the coming week. If you have not received it by Thursday 16th July, please contact the school office.


Best wishes to you all,


Mr Thompson