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Survey for Year 6 parents regarding possible reopening

For Parents and Carers of Year 6 children:


At the moment, we are awaiting final decisions from the City Council about the wider opening of school from Monday 15th June. If this goes ahead, it will initially be for Year 6 children ONLY, in addition to the small number of key worker and vulnerable children who are already attending.

It must be stressed that no final decision has yet been made about this.


The school has put a number of measures into place to prepare for any potential return of Year 6 children.

Firstly, please read the information for parents which you can find here:


Having read the information, please respond to the survey below to indicate whether or not your child will attend on June 15th... IF the school is open to Year 6.

We are aware that we have asked you to complete a number of questionnaires, thank you for taking the time to complete this one too. It will enable us to plan any provision as effectively as possible.


Best wishes to you all