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Health Week 2017 - Year 3 timetable

Sun Safety

Water Safety

The children have been learning about bullying. They have been discussing how they would react if they encounter a situation they don't like. Read the statements below. Are they true or false? 

True or false?

Year 3 Internet Safety

Unite for a better internet! 

First the children held one piece of string between them. They tried to balance the balloon on the piece of string but it wouldn't balance. After that, they each held a piece of string between two and created a web. The balloon was able to balance on top of the string. 

The balloon represents a positive internet. If everyone is using the internet safely, then it is a positive place to be. 


It is easier to create a better internet when everyone is working together. 

Fire Safety

Pop fit!

The children used their navigation skills to find controls around the school grounds. At each control, they collected a QR code which led them to a Healthy Living fact.