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Evidencing throwing techniques from Year 3 to Year 5
Year 3                                                                                Year 5

Year 3

The pupils used foam javelins to develop throwing techniques with distance and accuracy. After following teaching points they suggested possible ways to improve. 


Year 5

Year 5 pupils have progressed their throwing skills by developing a range of throwing techniques using the foam javelins, shot put and discus. They have been taught to throw with some accuracy and power into a target area whilst investigating and evaluating how different body techniques will result in further throws. 


Evidencing running techniques from Year 4 to Year 6

Year 4 Relay

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Year 6 Relay

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The Year 4 pupils have learnt to take part in a relay activity, remembering when to run and what to do. They used markers to run to whilst exchanging a hand tap with their partner to signal their turn to run. The lessons have built on prior skills in Year 3 of learning to run at fast, medium and slow speeds whilst changing direction. 

The children in Year 6 have progressed prior skills by combining sprinting technique with baton passing in a competitive situation. They have developed an understanding of the fundamentals of relay change over and the importance of not dropping the baton. Judging speed and distance has been a focus to encourage smooth change overs.