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Year 3

Year 3 Maths Party



Ping Pong Cups

Ping Pop Cups in action.

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The children enjoyed playing Ping Pong Cups. Every time a ping pong ball landed in a cup the children were given a number. They were asked to use their written addition strategies to calculate the total. The child with the biggest goal won a prize. The game was very exciting. 

How many skips can you do in 30 seconds? How long does it take to transport a beanbag on your head from one end of the yard to another?

The children worked in groups to count how many skips they could do in 30 seconds. They also timed how long it took to transport a bean-bag on their head from one end of the yard to another. Every time the bean-bag dropped they were asked to add on 6 seconds to their final total. 

It's all about symmetry!

The children were asked to decorate their biscuits with icing. Could they create a symmetrical pattern? 
Some of us made Möbius strips and ran in a ping pong number bonds relay.