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                 Religious Education at Booker


Learning about other religions and cultures is an integral part of our children's education at Booker Avenue Junior School. We belong to a school community that welcomes children and families from many different and diverse cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, learning about each other's faiths and traditions is the foundation of our RE curriculum. We hope that through their learning the children will be able to stand up for their own beliefs and challenge injustice around them. Through cross-curricular activities, assemblies and themed topics such as Black History Week, Remembrance celebrations and Religious festivals, we aim to provide knowledge, understanding, critical thinking around key issues that affect the world.


In RE, the children learn about different faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Our program of work is investigative and enquiry based and children are encouraged to ask questions, offer opinions and make connections with their own lives and the lives of others. We learn about traditions and important festivals and their impact on civilisations historically and today. Through this the children are taught RE in an exciting and creative way. Discussions, writing, art, drama, visits, handling artefacts and ICT are some of the practices of teaching used.


It is law that we, as a school, provide Religious Education, something that we at Booker Avenue Juniors enthusiastically agree with. RE is taught for 30 minutes per week usually by the class teacher but in some cases by the PPA teacher. The school follows the Liverpool Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The syllabus aims to allow pupils to explore themes and concepts within religion drawing on beliefs from a range of different faiths and world views.
The Liverpool SACRE has produced a syllabus which is intended to be fully inclusive. The aim of Religious Education is not to make believers out of our pupils but to educate and inform. The syllabus is designed in a way to be reflective and inclusive and we hope that this will mean that parents do not feel it necessary to withdraw children from RE. However, it is the right of Parents to request that their child be withdrawn from RE lessons if they so wish and any requests of this nature will be fully respected and adhered to.
Structure of the Liverpool Agreed Syllabus:
Key Stages 1 and 2 – The syllabus follows the same format as the National Curriculum programmes of study with sections on knowledge, skills and understanding and breadth of study.


Knowledge Skills and Understanding:
These are the key aspects of what pupil’s will learn in RE. These aspects are described as ‘learning about religion’ (AT1) and ‘learning from religion’ (AT2)

Attainment Target 1: Learning about religion
In the syllabus AT1 “covers pupil’s knowledge and understanding of individual religions and how they relate to each other…”
Attainment Target 2: Learning from religion
AT2 is “concerned with developing pupils’ reflection on and response to their own and others’ experiences in light of their learning about religion.”

The documents below are the long term plans for R.E. and the Key Themes covered.
The document below lists the religious key skills that the children will work on developing during lower school and upper school at K.S. 2.

The document below gives you a glossary of religious words.

In the folders below, you will find evidence of what our children have been doing in their R.E. lessons for each year group.

If you have any questions about RE here at Booker, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office.

Mrs Cobbe

RE Subject Leader