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Our INTENT at Booker Avenue Junior School is for ALL our pupils to leave school with the skills, values and opportunities that motivate and encourage them to continue participating in sport and lead healthy, active lives. Physical activity not only has a positive impact upon academic learning but also the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our children. We aim to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physical demanding activities, thus build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. We aim to develop pupil competence and provide a healthy foundation to build upon instilling a life-long understanding of the benefits of an active lifestyle. 



How are British Values and our curriculum drivers promoted through PE?


Democracy - Pupils are taught about the need for different roles and different responsibilities, including team work and decision making. A pupil voice for PE & School Sport (e.g. re curriculum, extracurricular activities, kit, competition).

The Rule of Law - Pupils learn to work individually and in groups.  An established ethos in PE with regard to how to win and lose fairly and understand good sportsmanship. Competition against oneself is encouraged in addition to competition against others.

Individual Liberty - There is an ethos where the views of individual pupils are listened to and respected. Pupils are taught safely and about safety. There is a buddy and mentoring system (Young Leaders).

Mutual Respect and Tolerance - There are appropriate rewards and sanctions in PE for inappropriate behaviour. The school engages in competition and encourages this within and across the community. Respect is taught in team games to respect the decisions of the referee , captain and rules of the game. They are grouped in mixed ability pairs and teams to learn to respect those with both higher and lower skill abilities. Pupils learn to be fair, objective and respective towards the opinions and practices of others-  they ultimately learn to be a TEAM player! 



Our PE curriculum is designed to inspire ALL our pupils to thrive and excel in skill, understanding and competitive sport and physical activity. Our pupils will engage in a broad and balanced PE curriculum that  enables them to grow in competence and confidence, being challenged to embrace roles beyond the learner such as umpire, coach and official. PE also provides plentiful opportunities to build and mould character, embedding key transferrable values such as equality, teamwork and respect which can be applied throughout the curriculum.

Imparting an appreciation of school sport provides all children with a sense of belonging, witnessing the power of sport in bringing together not only school but also the local and global community through various sporting events. 





Our school currently uses PE Resource Bank as its scheme of work. The schemes of learning include a range of activity areas and are in line with the LATEST National Curriculum.


The key concepts in PE we plan a progression for are as follows: 


* Physical skills

* Thinking skills

* Personal skills

* Health skills


These skills are progressed through a variety of unit topics such as: athletics, invasion games, field games, net and wall, gymnastics, dance, OAA and swimming. These topics help us to develop a progressive curriculum within PE. 


Children currently receive  weekly PE lessons. Over the course of the year, every upper school child will receive 10 swimming lessons and lower, 6 lessons with the intention of swimming 25 metres by the end of KS2. The children will also be given the opportunity to participate in extra activities delivered by experienced coaches including: yoga, basketball, dance, scooting etc which has been brought in through the Sports Premium Funding.

Level 2 and 3 competitions take us into the wider community. Competing against other schools and boroughs is a way for children to develop healthy competitive attitudes. We access I.M Marsh campus for sports and supporting students, as well as taking part in Cross Country which allows us to access areas such as: Sefton Park, Wavertree Park and Clark Gardens. 

As a school, we pride ourselves on our extracurricular timetable and ensure that children have the opportunity to take part in something of interest. A vast amount of children enjoy and participate in at least one club. 

Our LSSP membership allows our school to access courses and opportunities to support and enrich the PE curriculum. 




Our school believes that the impact of our curriculum will allow pupils to:

  • Participate in physical activity for sustained periods of time.
  • Achieve a sense of enjoyment from being physically active, appreciating the benefits of healthy lifestyles.
  • Demonstrate the values of equality, teamwork and respect, highlighting the discipline that sport can provide.
  • Develop an awareness of fair play and sportsmanship enabling pupils to work effectively in competitive and cooperative situations.
  • Engage in the processes of evaluating, reviewing and improving performance to achieve personal best.
  • Engage in opportunities to compete and perform, having access to exit routes to encourage life-long activity.


Please read our P.E Policy



With the support of the Liverpool School Improvement team we created a bank of statements/key skills which show a clear development year by year.  The learning outcomes  for each year group are used to support the school community to understand the development of a child through PE. The specific subjects taught and evidence/impact of progress can be found at the bottom of the page.