Booker Avenue

Junior School

Best Always


Here at Booker Avenue Junior School, we are passionate about promoting high standards of language and literacy. Through Reading Plus, Cracking Comprehension, Opening World texts and a reading spine that is linked to the wider curriculum, our program of studies equips all of our children with the necessary skills in reading.


We promote and foster a love of reading through the use of high quality and diverse texts and exposing children to a range of authors. We want our children to develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and for information and appreciate our rich and varied literacy heritage. Our children are exposed to and encouraged to use comprehensive and diverse vocabulary and have a good understanding of the use of grammar. Children are exposed to texts that help them successfully navigate reading with confidence. All children have access to our wonderful school library that provides them with a multicultural and inclusive range of texts that hopefully instill an ardour for reading, a passion for discovery and a confidence to explore their imagination.


Through our well-planned and sequenced Reading curriculum, our aim is that by the time children reach Year 6 and move onto secondary school and college, they will be able to access the more complex texts expected of them in these next stages of their learning journey; enabling the children of Booker Avenue Junior School to become successful, active and positive members of their local community and wider world.