Booker Avenue

Junior School

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Music is an important part of the wider life of Booker Avenue Junior School. Weekly singing assemblies, an active choir comprising children from every year group and instrumental groups ensure that music is enjoyed by all. As a foundation subject, children are provided with the tools to appreciate music in its historical context, identify musical styles and develop the language to discuss these with confidence. Alongside these listening and appraising skills, children develop musical skills through singing and playing, take risks and develop leadership skills through improvisation and composition and learn the power of reflection and evaluation through regular opportunities to perform.




Curriculum music is currently taught through a scheme called Charanga Musical School which enables children to understand musical concepts through a repetition-based approach to learning.


Each year group follows 3 units of work from the Charange Musical School scheme, each of which includes the following key elements.


1. Listening and Appraising

2. Musical Activities which allow the children to play games, sing, play instruments, improvise and compose

3. Performing 

Long Term Overview