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Home Learning

Dear parents,


Today your child should be bringing home a folder containing an exercise book and pencil. This is for them to use in the eventuality of us having to send home one of our bubbles.


For your information, we will be sending home any of our bubbles if there was a confirmed case of Covid-19. We do hope, of course, that will not have to happen.

At any such point, the children of the bubble isolating at home would switch to home learning via the Seesaw app. Their teacher would ensure that the learning follows the learning going on in school as closely as possible. 


Over the next couple of days, you will also be receiving a QR code to access Seesaw, if you have not done so already.


At the moment, we do have some individual children absent through sickness (not Covid related). Some parents have asked if home learning is provided while they are absent. This is not possible unfortunately, as would be the case if they were absent with sickness during 'normal' times. Teachers simply do not have the capacity to do both things at the same time. The home learning scenario will only start if a bubble has to self isolate.


If you do have an individual child off sick and would like them to carry out learning activities, there is information on this website about resources you can easily access:



Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Mr Thompson